Rotary will host the STROKE Association and AQUABOX in their gazebo.
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Being A Rotarian

When you join a Rotary Club you are joining 1.2 million other people who take action. They are volunteers who share the goal of improving the quality of life of those less fortunate than themselves. They achieve this by getting involved with other members of their club whether attending meetings, planning a project or having fun. Members also become involved with their local community by participating in club projects. Clubs are also involved with international projects, often collaborating with other clubs. Other organisations often ask for help with their projects to which club members are only to happy to respond.

Play the video to the right for an overview of rotary

This video on the left features Sarah Newcombe, secrteary of the Rotary Club of Bently, Viginia McKenna OBE, Martin Judd, the youngest Rotary President in Britain and Ireland and others, all saying why they are Rotarians.

Hear Naomi Riches, paralympian gold medalist and Louise Kelly, founder member and President of Marlow Bridge club have to say.

The video on the left says more to help you decide whether to be a rotarian or not.

Will Bicester Pioneer Rotary Club be similar? An emphatic YES, it will be whatever you want to make it. Rotary club members decide how their club runs, the choice of activities they undertake and the charitable causes they support.

We hope you find the idea of starting a club challenging and exciting.

To be part of the action contact us at: or call Bryan on 07860 944882

Discover how YOU can be part of this new Rotary team serving the Bicester Community.

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