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What is Rotary, what do Rotarians do? If I contact the team setting up Bicester Pioneer Rotary Club what might I be expected to do? All valid questions, so lets take a look at the activities of Marlow Bridge Rotary, a new club which was formed less than two years ago.

Hear Naomi Riches, paralympian gold medalist and Louise Kelly, founder member and President of Marlow Bridge club have to say.

Will Bicester Pioneer Rotary Club be similar? An emphatic YES, it will be whatever you want to make it. Rotary club members decide how their club runs, the choice of activities they undertake and the charitable causes they support. To hear more about what's happening and how you can be involved get in touch with Tim.

Would you like to join the team?

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If you want to know more get in touch at:

or call Tim on 01869 327384
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