Rotary will host the STROKE Association and AQUABOX in their gazebo.
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Come and join us.

As part of a new Rotary team serving the Commnity. Meet other ‘like-minded’ people and ‘make a difference’. We’re looking for volunteers from the Bicester area keen to use their skills and experience to give something back to the Community.


are long serving Rotarians forming this new team.

Rotary supports the less fortunate in the community; specialised charities; services that serve the Bicester community: ie the Hummingbird Cancer Support Centre in Launton, Oxford Hospitals and the Thames Valley Air Ambulance. Also local groups and individuals who have a particular need, our aim is to help others, often working in the background to help influence people’s lives for the better.

Rotary club members discuss and agree which projects and activities to support, either fund raising, or undertaking practical hands–on tasks, above all, ensuring that everyone is actively involved and enjoying the Rotary experience.

Add your voice and help shape the proposed Rotary Club of Bicester Pioneer. Contact us now to learn more about future plans.


are likely to be a person

And if you don’t fit any of those descriptions don’t despair, the Rotary movement is large and diverse and whatever your interest or motivation there’ll be something to whet your appetite. In the meantime we’ll help you develop new interests.


Rotarians are rightly known for helping others. Rotary also offers those involved much in return;it provides members with benefits (value) which can’t be obtained in any other single organisation:

All of Rotary’s activities are aimed at improving and enriching the lives of those in the community, and in the club!

We hope you find the idea of starting a club challenging and exciting.

To be part of the action contact us at: or call Bryan on 07860 944882

Discover how YOU can be part of this new Rotary team serving the Bicester Community.

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